This comprehensive training series teaches you step by step the powerful facets of database management and usage with Access 2000. The straightforward approach of Reed Jacobson will help you become comfortable using tables, queries, forms and reports. With this increased understanding you’ll be confident in the Access environment

Microsoft Access 2000- Fully Interactive,  Multi-Media Cd-Roms 

Session 1 Beginning
Creating Attribute Table
Creating Queries
Creating Measures Table
Creating Reports
Creating Lookup Table
Creating Forms
Creating Summary Queries
Discovering More

Session 2 Intermediate 
Designing a Database
Extending Queries
Managing a Database
Importing & Exporting Tables
Customizing Field Definitions
Creating Action Queries
Improving Database Design

Session 3 Advanced 
Creating Report Details
Enhancing Layout of a Report
Creating Form Grouping

Displaying Data in a Chart
Integrating with the InternetCreating Report Groping
Creating Form Details
Enhancing Layout of a Form
Automating Access
Tips for the Certification Test

As an author and independent consult-ant specializing in creative training, 
consulting and custom development services, Reed Jacobson is one of the top 
experts on Microsoft Excel in the country. Reed is the author of the best selling Microsoft 
Press book Excel Visual Basic Step by Step. 




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