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Microsoft Access 2000 Session 1, Fully Interactive, 

 Multi-Media Cd-Roms 

Session 1
Section A: Introduction
Uses for a Database
Access & Other Office Applications
Understanding and Comparing
Creating a New Database

Section B:
Creating an Attribute Table
Datasheet View
Design View
Entering Values
Datasheet Features
Print Preview
Access vs. Excel
Saving Design Changes

Section C:
Creating a Lookup Table
Creating a New Table
Creating a Primary Key
Creating a Relationship
between Tables
Cascade Update & Deletes
Entering Data in a Sub-form
Creating a Lookup to a Text Key  

Section D: Creating Queries
Sorting & Filtering
Save as Query
Editing a Query in Design
Using the Query Wizard to Join Tables
Changing Values in a Query  

Section E: Creating Forms
Create an Auto
Columnar, Datasheet &
abular Forms
Printing a Form

Section F:
Creating a Measures Table
Designing a Measures Table
Using Automatic & Primary
Specifying Column Data Types
Creating a Lookup
Preventing Duplicate Keys
Relating Tables

Section G:
Creating Summary Queries
Creating Summary Queries
Crosstab Queries

Section H: Creating Reports
Create a Tabular Report
Using the Report Wizard
Editing the Report

Section I: Discovering More
Customize Access
Using the Office Assistant &
Help Window

Total Time: 113 Minutes
Video $59.00 #10349
CD-ROM $69.00 #10378

As an author and independent consult-ant specializing in creative training, consulting and custom development services, Reed Jacobson is one of the top experts on Microsoft Excel in the country. Reed is the author of the best selling Microsoft Press book Excel Visual Basic Step by Step. 

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