In this Access series, You will learn the many facets and functions of Access 2000. You will quickly and easily gain access to the vast power of this industry-leading database software. 

Microsoft Access 2000 Intermediate- Fully Interactive,  Multi-Media Cd-Roms 

Session 2
Section A: Designing a Database
Field Names
Section B:
Importing & Exporting Tables
Importing From Access
Copying to & from Excel 
Section C:
Customizing Field Definitions
Field Features
Order Detail Table

Section D:
Extending Queries
Making a New Query
Filters & Criteria
Add a Field
Section E:
Creating Action Queries
Create New Query
Modify Query
Update Action Query
Delete Query
Section F: Managing a Database
Database Security
Linking Databases 
Section G:
Improving Database Design
Table Indexes
Splitting Tables
Total Time: 101 Minutes

As an author and independent consult-ant specializing in creative training, consulting and custom development services, Reed Jacobson is one of the top experts on Microsoft Excel in the country. Reed is the author of the best selling Microsoft Press book Excel Visual Basic Step by Step. 

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