This series will teach you step by step the many powerful facets and functions of Access 97. Simply follow the expert instruction of Tom Badgett as he walks you through each step of Access increasing your understanding and efficiency. The straightforward, compact nature of this series will give you the understanding you need to master Access 

Access 97 Beginning
What is Access
Using Access
Creating a Database
Creating Forms
Creating Queries
Creating Reports
Access and the 
World Wide Web

Access 97 Intermediate
Adding Tools
Modifying Tables and
Table Properties
Complex Forms
Data Search and Filters
Building Complex Queries
Modifying Reports
Special Reports
Printing Access Data

Access 97 Advanced
Cross Tab Queries
Action Queries
Access and Other Applications
Customizing Access
Security and Backup
HTML and Hyperlinks

Instructor Tom Badgett is the successful author of over 40 computer based training books  published by companies such as Bantam and Que Publishing. He is also the owner of the publishing company, Synergy South, which produces computer books for major publishers. 

Tom Badgett is a former college professor of computer programming. Tom graduated with a Masters degree in Communications and has an extensive background in broadcasting and film production.

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