In this Access series, You will learn the many facets and functions of Access 97.0. You will quickly and easily gain access to the vast power of this industry-leading database software. 

Access 97.Advanced  Fully Interactive,  Multi-Media Cd-Roms 

Section A: Introduction
Section B: Cross Tab Queries
Using Wizard
Building a Query From Other Queries

Section C: Action Queries
Editing & Update Using  a Query
Creating a Backup
Make Table Query Using Multiple Tables
Append Query
Delete Query
Creating an Expression Using Query
Crating a Report From Various Tables
Creating a Formula & Troubleshooting
Functions/Expression Builder
IIF Function

Section D: Access & Other Applications
Export from Access to Word
Export from Access to Excel
Import Spreadsheet Wizard
Insert Object

Section E: Customizing Access
Toolbars & Menus
Icon, Menu Animation & Keyboard
Network Settings
Switchboard Manager  

Section F: Macros
Macro Names & Keystrokes
Assigning Macros to Buttons

Section G: Security & Backup
Copying to Same Drive or Disk
Creating Password
Users & Groups

Section H: HTML & Hyperlinks
Internet Assistant & Wizard
Convert to HTML & Search
Hyperlinks in a Table
Hyperlinks in a Form  
Total time:  110 minutes


 Tom Badgett is a former college professor of computer programming. Tom graduated with a Masters degree in Communications and has an extensive background in broadcasting and film production.

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