In this Access series, You will learn the many facets and functions of Access 97.0. You will quickly and easily gain access to the vast power of this industry-leading database software. 

Access 97.0 Beginning
Fully Interactive,  Multi-Media Cd-Roms 

Section A: Introduction 
Section B: What is Access
Various Uses
Data Table, Record, Field & Forms

Section C: Using Access

Opening Access & Creating Shortcut
Office Shortcut Bar & Customization
Document Centric Way to Open Access
Placing Office Shortcut Bar on Screen
Tour of Screen
Different Views & Uses of Access Screens
Forms Tab
Data Table Relationships

Section D: Creating A Database
Database Design
Building a Table

Section D: Creating A Database
Transaction Table & Type
Entering Records
Analyzer Wizard
Database Wizard   
Section F: Creating Queries
Query Wizard

Section G: Creating Reports
Report Wizard
Print Report 

Section H: Access & the World Wide Web
Web Toolbar
Help off the Web
HTML Wizard & Placement on the Web Total time:  90 minutes


 Tom Badgett is a former college professor of computer programming. Tom graduated with a Masters degree in Communications and has an extensive background in broadcasting and film production.

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