CompTIA’s  A+ Certification is one of the most sought after credentials in the IT industry. Step-by-step instruction and exam preparation to develop your knowledge and skills to become an A+ Certified Service Technician. In this comprehensive course,

A + Certification -  Fully Interactive,  Multi-Media Cd-Roms 
Includes 7 sessions - Video's $449.95 or CD-ROM's  $559.95 
With Master Exam & Study Guide - Video's $699..95 or CD-ROM's  $759.955

Session 1
The Visible PC
Core Components
History of 386 & 486
Total time: 106 Minutes
Video's $89.95
CD-ROM's  $99.95 
Session 2
History of Pentium
RAM & Modern RAM
Motherboard & Power supplies
Assemble the Core Components
Total Time: 120 Minutes
Video's $89.95
CD-ROM's  $99.95 
Session 3
Beep Codes
Floppy Drives & Hard   Drives
Survival DOS
Running a Program
Manipulating Files in DOS
Core DOS Files
Formatting Drives
Video's $89.95
CD-ROM's  $99.95 
Session 4
Partition & Format Hard Drives
Multiple Drives
I/O Addresses
COM and LPT Ports
Serial and Parallel Connections
Expansion BUS
Survival Windows 3.X
Temporary & Permanent
Swap Files
Total Time: 111 Minute
Video's $89.95
CD-ROM's  $99.95 
Session 5
Multimedia (CD-ROMs)
Installing Drivers
Multimedia (Sound Cards)
Device Drivers
Configuring the Modem
Resolution Standards
Total Time: 114 Minutes
Video's $89.95
CD-ROM's  $99.95 
Session 6
DOS Memory & DOS Tech
Window 3.X Tech
Win95 Tech
Registry Editor
Win95 Installation
Total Time: 104 Minutes
Video's $89.95
CD-ROM's  $99.95 



Session 7
Configuring Win95
Graphics Settings
Printers & Networking
Setting Up in CMOS
Sharing Resources
Preparing for the Exam
Total Time: 107 Minutes

Video's $89.95
CD-ROM's  $99.95 

Study Guide- 

To complement your CD-ROM, and Video training sessions,  detailed study guides and reference information for complex technical subjects. Study Guides support and strengthen the learning process with detailed descriptions and guidelines, tables, charts, and data, which reinforces the training concepts of expert instructors.
Study Guide$49.95

 instrMike Meyers Mike Meyers is an A+ Certified Service Technician, as well as a CompTIA member, and a Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP). Mike spent several years as a technician in public and private sectors before becoming a professional instructouctor

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