Software Training for IT Professionals - Computer Operating Systems
including, NT, Novell, Unix, Certification Training and Exams for Microsoft, Cisco, Novell, SQL. Fully interactive CD-ROM’s As demand for comprehensive and relevant software instruction grows, CBT will continue to expand the horizon of learning opportunities for our customers, employees, and business partners. While maintaining our focus on up-to-date content, CBT utilizes the newest  technologies to deliver training. 

Fully Interactive, Multi-Media Cd-Roms 
Master Exam Test Preparation Software 
Certification Training Solution.

Learn from the Experts teaching methodology capitalizes on the skills and knowledge of industry experts, including professional trainers, best selling book authors, and nationally recognized seminar lecturers. This proven approach to training utilizes innovative technology and in-depth instructional content while maintaining the human touch.

Our instructional model is successful because it emphasizes personal value for the student. Unique and award-winning, CBT system enables computer users to receive the benefits of live instruction, lab exercises, and proficiency tests while maintaining their presence and productivity in the workplace.








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